Windows 8: Compatibility with University of Pittsburgh Services

The following table summarizes the results of our Windows 8 testing. We tested University services with Internet Explorer 10 in both Windows 8 User Interface (UI) mode and Desktop mode.

  • "Windows 8 UI mode" is Microsoft's term for the new tiled Start screen that displays when Windows 8 launches.
  • "Desktop mode" refers to the more traditional desktop interface that displays after you click the Desktop tile in UI mode.

In some cases, you need to turn on Compatibility View to use a service with Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10.


Service / Application

Internet Explorer 10
Desktop Mode

Internet Explorer 10
Windows 8 UI Mode
Active Directory Pass Pass  
ArcGIS Pass Pass Requires .NET Framework 3.5 to be enabled. This framework is turned off by default in Windows 8.
Cognos Fail Fail Not supported by vendor.
Computrace LoJack Pass Pass  
ComputracePlus Pass Pass  
CourseWeb Pass Pass  
eduroam Pass Pass  
My Pitt Email Pass Pass  
Legacy Webmail (IMAP) Pass Pass  
Emergency Notification Service (ENS) Pass Pass  
Identity Finder Pass Pass  
Document Management Service Pass Pass  
Manage Your Account
Pass Pass  
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Oracle Discoverer
(Data Warehouse community at My Pitt)
Fail Fail Not supported by vendor.
PantherExpress Pass Pass  
PittNet - Residence hall connection Pass Pass You may need to launch the XpressConnect client manually.
PittNet - Wireless PittNet Pass Pass If you have trouble connecting, contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance.
PittNet - Guest Wireless Access Pass Pass  
PittNet - Public port connections Pass Pass  
PittNet - SETUP-PITT-WIFI Pass Pass The application must be downloaded in Windows 8 UI mode or manually started.
PGP Universal Server Pass Pass  
My Pitt Pass Pass  
PRISM Purchasing Pass Pass Requires Compatibility View.
PRISM Time Entry Pass Pass Requires Compatibility View.
Secure Remote Access Service
Pass Pass Requires Compatibility View.
Pitt Printing Pass Pass  
Self-Service Online Registration
(through Student Center at My Pitt)
Pass Pass  
Software Download Service Pass Fail  
Student Information System
Pass Pass  
Supplemental VPN Service Fail Fail Please contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance.
Symantec Endpoint Protection Pass Pass Requires latest version from Software Download Service (version 12.1 RU2).
Tableau Pass Pass  
(email client from Mozilla)
Pass Pass  
View Print Quota Pass Pass Requires Compatibility View.
Web Conferencing Service Pass Pass  
WebNow Pass Pass  
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