We Can Help You Reduce Costs

One of the primary goals of our departmental consulting program is to deliver the precise level of service that your unique situation requires so that your department can maximize its investment in IT support.

Our services can help your department reduce costs by:

  • Reducing system downtime
  • Increasing office efficiency
  • Providing advice that can help you maximize cost savings when purchasing hardware or software
  • Reducing your exposure to security risks
  • Capitalizing on enterprise services
  • Drawing on CSSD's breadth of expertise

Although you can request a consulting contract of any duration, most departments find that an annual contract is the most cost-effective option.

The Device Management support option includes a one-time fee per device to ensure that each computer is up-to-date, secure, and performing well. After each computer is standardized, there is a low monthly fee per device to maintain security and system updates.

The following hypothetical scenarios help illustrate some real cost savings that can be achieved by utilizing CSSD's departmental consulting services.

Scenario 1: Dedicated, On-site Support

Department X employs a full-time Systems/Programmer IV at 100% effort to provide senior-level technical support, including support for departmental servers. They realize that they need to hire a second staff member of the same quality and with the same responsibilities. An annual contract with CSSD providing on-site consulting five days per week at 100% effort would deliver the same level of support and save the department nearly 14% of their IT staffing costs for that additional staff position.

It is worth noting that after completing our initial technical assessment, we may determine that the support department X requires can actually be delivered at 70% or 80% effort rather than 100% effort, thereby reducing the department's costs even further.

Scenario 2: Optimized Dedicated, On-site support

Department Y requires support with a high level of expertise, but only at a 60% effort. However, finding a Systems/Programmer IV with the required skill set who is interested in reduced work hours has not been possible. They instead begin an annual contract with CSSD providing on-site consulting at 60% effort, saving the department 48% in IT staffing costs.

Scenario 3: Device Management

Department Z requires support for 30 computer workstations, two printers, and one server. They employ a part-time staff member at 40% effort to provide this support. Supporting these same devices through our device management program would reduce costs by 31%.

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