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Why is my computer no longer able to connect to PittNet or Wireless PittNet?

CSSD enhanced the Wireless PittNet service on June 4, 2012. If you are having trouble connecting to Wireless PittNet or are having problems connecting to a wired network port in a residence hall or public area (like a classroom or conference room), you will need to complete a one-time configuration change. Please refer to this page of our site for details. as always, a current university computing account is necessary to access the university's network.

What is my University Computing Account username?

You can look up your University Computing Account username by clicking the find people link on and searching for yourself.

I forgot my University Computing Account password. What do I do?

If you have set your online security questions, you can use the Self-Service Password Reset Service to reset your password online. Just visit My Pitt (, click Profile, and click Manage My Account. If you have not set your online security questions, bring your University ID to a computing lab to have your password reset.


Students, faculty, staff, and sponsored account holders should select WIRELESS-PITTNET. Visitors to the University on official business should select GUEST-WIRELESS-PITTNET.

I recently changed my University Computing Account password and now I can't log in to Wireless PittNet in public areas in campus or the wired ResNet connection in my residence hall room. Why?

Check your network settings to determine if your username and password are cached or stored. Edit the settings and update the stored password. Ideally you should not store your password. Please refer to the help documents at Connect to Wireless PittNet or contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance.

For Macintosh OS X 10.5 and 10.6

  • The password is located in the System preferences > network > choose Airport or Ethernet as needed > advanced > 802.1x settings.

For Window (Wireless) - Vista and Windows 7

  • Network and Sharing
  • Manage Wireless Networks
  • Choose Wireless PittNet profile
  • Right click and choose Properties
  • Click the Security tab
  • Uncheck "Remember my credentials..."
  • Click Advanced Settings and check to see if your credentials are stored there.

For Windows (Wired) - Vista and Windows 7

  • Network and Sharing
  • Change adapter settings
  • Right click Local Area Connection and choose Properties
  • Choose the Authentication tab
  • Uncheck "Remember my credentials for this connection.." or "Cache user information for subsequent connections"
  • Click Additional Settings and check to see if your credentials are stored there.

How do I connect my computer to Wireless PittNet?

Connecting to Wireless PittNet involves a few simple steps.

Some Pitt Web pages are not displaying as expected. What should I do?

Microsoft's Web browser, Internet Explorer, is compatible with most University services and Web sites. However, accessing My Pitt ( may require activating the "compatibility view" feature. To do this, click the Tools menu at the top of the Internet Explorer browser window and select Compatibility View.

How do I access my University email?

The easiest way to access your University email is through My Pitt ( Just log in and click the My Pitt Email link on the top right corner of any page. You can also access your My Pitt Email using a smartphone, tablet, or email client.

How do I access My Pitt Web space?

Your University Computing Account gives you access to space in the AFS system, including space where you can host a personal Web page. You can access your Pitt Web space through any SFTP/SCP client. The hostname is and your username and password are the same as your University Computing Account username and password.

I can't see my CourseWeb class. What do I do?

Only your instructor can tell you whether or not a class is active and whether you are listed on the roster as an enrolled student. Please contact your instructor for assistance.

How do I connect my computer in the residence halls?

You can use XPress Connect to connect your computer to PittNet from the residence halls. Just connect your computer to the network port in your room using an Ethernet cable and then follow the instructions that display on screen.

Can students get Microsoft Office software at no cost?

Yes. Microsoft software, including Office, is available for download from My Pitt via the Software Download Service. A variety of other software titles are also available at no cost.

What are the regular hours and holiday hours for the computing labs?

Regular lab hours and holiday hours are also posted online. You can view real-time lab availability on the main page of this Web site or by visiting on your smartphone (just click Computing Labs).

How do I view my grades online?

You can view your grades after they have been posted by logging in to My Pitt (, clicking the Academic Resources link at the top of the page, and then selecting Get Class Grades.

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