Outlook Public Folders Migration


The University began upgrading all faculty and staff to Office 365 Email in fall 2016. Almost all faculty and staff mailboxes have now been upgraded. The final step in the process involves moving Outlook public folders to Office 365 Email. This move will occur during the standard downtime period on Saturday, March 18.

What is an Outlook Public Folder?

Outlook public folders provide a place to collect and share information. Some departments may use public folders to share a group vacation calendar or contact list. Others may use a public folder as a shared mailbox that allows multiple people to access and read email messages sent to a specific email alias.

How do I know if I use a public folder?

If you use a public folder, you most likely use it for one of the reasons listed above, and you probably access it by selecting a folder under the Public Folders heading in the left-hand navigation menu of your Microsoft Outlook client.

Why are Public Folders Being Moved?

Upgrading faculty and staff mailboxes to Office 365 Email created some temporary limitations on public folders that will be resolved once public folders are moved to Office 365 Email. After March 18, you will once again be able to modify public folder permissions. You will also be able to access public folders from the Outlook Web App (via My Pitt) again, as well as from your desktop email client.

How Will the Move Affect Me?

Beginning at 11:00 p.m. on March 18, access to public folders will be unavailable for a few hours during the standard downtime period while they are being moved. Access to your My Pitt Email will not be affected. If you have a public folder that has been enabled to receive email messages, please note that this folder will not be able to receive messages while public folders are being moved to Office 365 Email.

After public folders have been moved, all faculty and staff will see a pop-up notification in their Microsoft Outlook email client, regardless of whether they use public folders. The notification will indicate a change has been made and prompt you to restart Outlook. Please restart Outlook. You may need to restart Outlook twice if the pop-up notification appears a second time.

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