Office 365 Email Mailboxes for New Employees


Beginning October 8, mailboxes for new faculty and staff members will be created in Office 365 Email. If your department has not yet moved to Office 365 Email, there will be some minor differences between the new faculty or staff member's email service and the email service used by others in the department. This page summarizes some of those differences.

Important Points to Know

Web Access

The new faculty or staff member will be able to access his or her mailbox via the My Pitt Email link in My Pitt or via

Public Folders

The new faculty or staff member will experience some temporary limitations with Outlook public folders. They will only be able to access public folders from a Windows computer using the Microsoft Outlook desktop email client, and they will not be able to modify public folder permissions. These limitations will end after the new employee's department has been moved to Office 365 Email.   

Clutter and Focused Inbox

Clutter will be activated for the new employee's Inbox. It automatically moves less important messages into a new Clutter folder. Clutter can be turned off at any time. Learn more >

In the near future, Clutter will be replaced by a new feature called Focused Inbox.

Advanced Threat Protection

Email messages that the new employee sends to or receives from other students, faculty, and staff who are also using Office 365 Email will be protected by Advanced Threat Protection. Advanced Threat Protection includes two features---Safe Links and Safe Attachments---that add another layer of security to your email. There may be a minimal delay (measured in minutes) in the delivery of email messages with attachments.

Free/Busy Time

The new employee will be able to view the free/busy time of others in the department.

Shared Calendars and Mailboxes

The new employee will not be able to open a calendar or a mailbox that someone else in the department has shared with them. This limitation will end after the new employee's department has been moved to Office 365 Email.   

Safe Senders

The new employee will not be able to add entire domains to their “safe senders” list in the University’s spam and virus filtering service. For example, they can add an individual such as to their safe senders, but they cannot add the entire domain to their safe senders.  

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