Wireless Network Access


Wireless PittNet and Wireless-PittNet-Fast provide fast, secure, and easy-to-use Internet access from academic buildings and residence halls across campus. The wireless system is integrated with PittNet authentication services via the 802.1x protocol and can be used by any University-affiliated user with a University Computing Account.

Wireless PittNet service provides radio frequency service in the 2.4 GHz bands and is intended to augment the wired PittNet network. A separate network, Wireless-PittNet-Fast, allows students, faculty, and staff with newer laptops, smartphones, and tablets to take advantage of faster wireless speeds. Wireless-PittNet-Fast provides service in the 5 GHz bands for newer devices that support the 802.11 a/n/ac standard. Wireless-PittNet-Fast operates in the 5 GHz spectrum and is available on all campuses in the same locations where Wireless PittNet is available.

Outdoor coverage is provided in several key locations, but the majority of the network infrastructure is targeted at in-building coverage.

The service provides for connections to the Internet and requires the use of the Secure Remote Access service to access resources that are protected by University firewalls.

Guest access is provided by a self-service sign-up page that requires a guest to be “hosted” by a University faculty or staff member with a primary University Computing Account. Guest wireless is available in all campus locations where Wireless PittNet and Wireless-PittNet-Fast are available. Advance online registration is required.

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