Guest Wireless Access

Faculty and staff can sponsor Internet access for guests on official University business. Guest wireless is available campus wide. Advance online registration is required. Instructions for registration and use follow.

Please note: This service is for short-term use by visitors on official University business. Guest wireless accounts are limited to 30 consecutive days. If you require wireless access for more than 30 consecutive days, consider using eduroam.

Information for Guests

Information for Guests

Before you arrive on campus, register for access.

  1. Your staff or faculty host will provide you with his/her University Computing Account username which is required for online registration.
  2. Complete the online access request form.
  3. An email will be sent to verify your email address. Click the link in the email and complete the verification form online.
  4. An email will be sent to your host to approve your request. Once approved, you will receive a final email directing you to accept the service usage guideline and select your password.

When you arrive on campus, log in.

  1. Open your wireless network manager and select GUEST-WIRELESS-PITTNET.
  2. Open a Web browser. The Guest Login window will display.
  3. Log in using your email address and the password you selected in advance.

Did you forget to set your password? Don't worry. Just enter your email address where you see Haven't set your password yet? If your request has been approved, you will be prompted to accept the usage agreement and select a password. However, if your faculty or staff host hasn't approved your request, you must contact him or her first.

Information for Hosts (Faculty and Staff)

Information for Hosts (Faculty and Staff)

There are two ways that Guests can obtain wireless access at Pitt.

  1. They can complete the steps above. You will need to provide them with your University Computing Account username before they begin and then approve their request once they have submitted it.
  2. You can submit a request for wireless access on behalf of a guest. To do so, log in to My Pitt, click the My Resources link, and select Guest Access. Next, click the Create New Request link and complete the online form.
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