We offer a variety of telephone, voice messaging, and conferencing services to faculty and staff on all campuses. Services include the following: voice mail, local calling plans, on-campus phone lines, off-campus business lines, fax and pager lines, authorization codes for phones with calling restrictions, automated call distribution (ACD), automated attendant, calling restrictions, conference room service, personal call routing, calling cards, toll free numbers, additions or changes to existing phone numbers, emergency phones, toll fraud monitoring, and other advanced telephony services.

We also work closely with departments and Facilities Management during the planning and construction process to provide the infrastructure needed for high-quality data and voice services.

All equipment is evaluated for upgrades on an annual basis. Maintenance is performed during established change windows and downtimes to ensure stable and reliable service.

The following services and features are available to faculty and staff:

Telephone Operators

Telephone Operators

The main University number is 412-624-4141. The University provides telephone operators who are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to help direct calls.

Phone Lines

Phone Lines

  • On-Campus Phone Line: Request a phone line and number for on-campus use.
  • Off-Campus Business Line: This category of phone lines can be used for special needs, including automated monitoring of building environmental conditions and elevator phones. Business lines are also provided for some off-campus locations that do not have access to the University's PBX telephone service and require business telephones.
  • Fax/ Pager Line: CSSD provides the phone numbers and any needed cabling for pagers, fax machines, and overhead paging systems. However, equipment for these services is obtained through the University's Purchasing office.

By-Request Telephone Features

By-Request Telephone Features

  • Authorization Codes: Enables individuals to make calls to any location from phones with Calling Restrictions. These calls are chargeable to your department.
  • Automated Call Distribution (ACD): This service is used for high-volume call applications such as a customer support center. Calls are automatically routed to individuals based on customized rules to create an efficient call management environment. Real-time and historical activity reporting is available. CSSD will consult with your department to determine how this feature can benefit you.
  • Automated Attendant: Common in most customer-service applications, this feature, provides a touch-tone menu to help efficiently route calls. The customer then is connected to the person who can most effectively address his/her needs. CSSD will consult with your department to determine how this feature can benefit you.
  • Busy Indicator: This service tells you at a glance if another person is currently using his or her phone. An indicator light turns on when the individual is using their phone. The indicator light turns off when the individual hangs up. This feature can be especially helpful for administrative staff.
  • Call Pickup: Help to ensure that incoming calls are answered quickly with Call Pickup. This feature allows a person to immediately answer another person's ringing phone.
  • Calling Restrictions: Departments are charged for off-campus calls. To control departmental costs, phones can be restricted to allow calls to limited specific restriction levels:
    • Campus only
    • Local areas codes (most of 412/724/878)
    • Pennsylvania area codes
    • All United States area codes
    • International locations
    • With Authorization Codes departments permit select individuals to override calling restrictions
  • Conference Room Service: CSSD provides only the 2420 model phone for conference room purposes, but we can provide you with information concerning the acquisition of other conference room phones, such as Polycom.
  • Personal Call Routing: Ensure that your incoming calls are answered by directing the call to as many as six other phones.

Telecommunications Billing System

Computing Services and Systems Development provides an online billing system for telecommunication services. This system provides a convenient way to track charges for telecommunications and network services used by University departments. Call detail reports are available for the auditing and management of telecommunications expenses.

Departments can access and download their bills, which contain the detail of the charges.


Access to this service is restricted. Please complete the Access Request Form to request or change access.

Authorized users can reach the service as follows: login to My Pitt ( and click View Bills Login on the right-hand side of the main page. Detailed getting started instructions are available.

Billing Support

CSSD provides convenient support via online forms or by phone.

  • Billing Inquiry: Have a question concerning your telecommunication bill? Use this form to communicate the details of you inquiry. A billing specialist will follow up with you.
  • Billing Account Change: Requests general ledger account changes. A billing specialist will follow up with you.

If you require any other assistance, please contact the Technology Help Desk at 412 624-HELP [4357] or submit a help request online.

Detailed Help


Additional Phone and Voice Services

Additional Phone and Voice Services

  • Toll-Free Phone Numbers

    Your students, faculty, staff or customers can reach you easily through a toll-free phone number chargeable to your department. Toll-free numbers have area codes of 855 and 844.

  • Renovation and Construction: CSSD works closely with departments and Facilities Management during the planning and construction process to provide the infrastructure needed for high-quality data and voice services. Involve us in your building project early.
  • Customized Phone Solutions: Can't find what you need? Does your department require a customized phone solution? CSSD can help.

If you need any additional information about these services, simply submit an online University Telephone Services request. Select "Other/ Please contact me" and an analyst will follow up with you to discuss your requirements.

Request Telecommunications Services

To request these services, use one of the online forms under the Phone and Conferencing Forms heading

Relevant Policies and Guidelines

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