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Technology services are integrated into almost every aspect of your daily academic life at Pitt. You probably use our services many times each day without even thinking about it: when you send an email, connect to Wireless PittNet, or log in to My Pitt.  But we're much more than just a virtual presence. We have physical service locations throughout campus to help support your academic endeavors.

Computing Labs

  • B-40 Alumni Hall
  • 314 Bellefield Hall Classroom
  • B-06 Benedum Hall
  • G-27/G-62 Cathedral of Learning
  • 230 David Lawrence Hall
  • 112 Hillman Library
  • C114 Sutherland Hall

Software Purchases

  • University Store on Fifth

Student Support Centers

  • Towers Lobby
  • University Store on Fifth

Pitt Printing

  • All Campus Computing Labs
  • Amos Hall (1st floor lobby) *
  • Barco Law Building (4th floor)
  • Benedum Hall (basement)
  • Bouquet Gardens, building J *
  • Brackenridge Hall (1st floor lobby) *
  • Bruce Hall Lobby
  • Cathedral of Learning (G-25)
  • Chevron Hall Lobby
  • Forbes Craig Apartments (lounge) *
  • Forbes Hall Lobby
  • Forbes Tower (4th floor)
  • Holland Hall (11th floor lounge) *
  • Information Sciences Building (3rd floor)
  • Langley Hall Lobby
  • Litchfield Towers Lobby
  • Lothrop Hall Lobby*
  • McCormick Hall (1st floor lobby) *
  • Mervis Hall (room 118)
  • Nordenberg Hall (3rd floor) *
  • O'Hara Student Center (2nd floor)
  • Panther Hall Lobby *
  • Parran Hall (3rd floor)
  • Pennsylvania Hall Lobby *
  • Ruskin Hall Lobby *
  • Salk Hall (2nd & 4th floors)
  • Scaife Hall (Falk Library)
  • Sennott Square (2nd floor)
  • Sutherland Hall Lobby
  • University Store on Fifth (main level)
  • Victoria Hall (2nd floor)
  • Wesley W. Posvar Hall (1st & 5th floors)
  • William Pitt Union Lobby

* Note that for security reasons, these print stations are only accessible to students living in those residence halls. All students can print to the print stations located in the other residence halls.

Mobile Device Charging Stations

Mobile device charging stations are available in all of the campus computing labs, the Towers Lobby, William Ptt Union, and the University Store on Fifth.

The stations hold multiple connections and can charge most standard mobile devices, including both the 30-pin and lightning connectors for Apple devices as well as Micro USB and Mini USB connections.

Computer Kiosks

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