Reserve a Lab Classroom (instructors)

Several campus computing labs include separate classrooms that may be reserved for teaching and coursework.

The following labs have classrooms that are available to be reserved and are all equipped with Windows PCs:

  • Cathedral G27 - 24 student seats and 1 instructor seat
  • 314 Bellefield - 27 student seats and 1 instructor seat


The following guidelines must be observed when reserving a classroom:

  • Reservations must be submitted using the Campus Computing Lab Reservation form. This form includes available classrooms and capacity.

  • Lab classrooms can be reserved for academic use only.

  • Reservations must be made a minimum of three business days before the start date of the class. CSSD recommends that reservations are made well in advance of this three business day deadline.

  • All reservations must be made by a faculty sponsor or include the name of the faculty sponsor on the reservation form.

  • To ensure secure and reliable performance, a set of standard software titles is installed on computers in the Campus Computing Lab Computers and classrooms. Additional software applications may not be added during the term. If you want to request installation of additional software titles in future semesters, complete the New Software Titles Request.

  • Classrooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Each class section may use a computing lab classroom for up to twelve hours per term.

  • If a class uses less than 50% of the classroom computers, the remaining computers may be assigned to individual users requiring lab access. This would occur only during extremely busy periods in the campus computing labs. Under these circumstances, individual users are instructed not to disturb the class.

  • Following occupancy rules and regulations, the maximum number of chairs and workstations are located in each classroom. Additional chairs may not be added to the classroom, nor moved from the lab into the classroom.

  • Occasionally, CSSD may need to change or cancel a reservation. Should either situation occur, a CSSD staff member will notify the reservation contact by email and telephone.

  • If you no longer need a classroom, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible using the Campus Computing Lab Reservation form.

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