My Pitt Communities

What's a Community?

A community is a place on the My Pitt portal where people with a common interest can share information, news, and ideas. Communities display under the My Resources menu at My Pitt.

A community provides a forum for its members to access and interact with information that is pertinent to them. Communities are a great way to:

  • Consolidate important information into one convenient location
  • Share information on a community calendar or message board
  • Display documents in one place

The Community Manager controls the design and content of the pages within his or her community.

Who Can Create a Community?

Community requests can be submitted by any academic area, department, school, or student organization. Student Organization communities require a faculty or staff community manager. Community requests can be submitted through our online request form.

How Do I Submit a Request to Create a Community?

To learn more and submit a request to create a community online, log in to My Pitt, click the My Resources menu, and select About My Pitt.

What Happens Next?

Once a community request is submitted, a member of the My Pitt development team will contact you and schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and gather requirements. They will assess your knowledge of My Pitt and may suggest a portal demonstration to help you understand more about how My Pitt works and what it can do for you.

The requirements gathering session allows us to better understand what you want to use the community for and allows us to make suggestions on how My Pitt can make a process or workflow easier. Some of the common questions we may ask are:

  • What kind of information are you looking to deliver to your community members?
  • Who should have access to your community?
  • Who will manage the content of your community

After we have gathered all of the information we need to understand the project, we begin to work on a prototype in our development environment. Once the prototype is complete, you will either receive a set of screen shots of the community to review, or we will schedule a prototype review session to go over the prototype in person.

Once the prototype review has been completed and any updates have been made, we will move the community into a "pre-production" environment and make it visible to a small group of people for review. We'll also work with you to send the community approval form to either a Dean, Director or Department head for their signature. Once this has been completed, we'll schedule a date to release the community.

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