Computing Labs


All University of Pittsburgh students with a valid University Computing Account may use any of the six computing labs conveniently located throughout the Pittsburgh campus close to residence halls and classrooms. Each lab is staffed by student consultants and includes a mix of Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers. Shared scanners and laser printers are available, as well as Mobile Device Charging Stations that enable students to charge their smartphone or tablet.  

Printing services are offered through the computing labs. The labs are staffed with student technical analysts under the supervision of full-time Student Computing Services staff. The Hillman Library lab is open 24x7 on weekdays. The computers and facilities are updated annually, with all campus computing lab computers being replaced after three years of service (re-used or recycled).  All of the lab workstations are 100% energy-efficient models and currently feature LCD displays, which use less power and generate less heat than CRT displays.

Students can send print jobs from any location to Pitt Print stations located in the computing labs, residence halls, and other high-traffic areas on campus. MobilePrint makes it simple to print from smartphones and mobile devices by enabling students to send an email message with an attachment of the file they would like to print. Students can pick up the print job at any Pitt Print

The computing labs received a 2015 Pitt Sustainability Award.

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Printing in the Labs

All of the computing labs feature Pitt Printing stations that permit students to print directly from the computing labs or from any location outside of the computing labs. Designated Quick Print stations in all computing labs feature faster logins than normal computing lab machines and 15-minute time limits. There is an initial allocation of funds for students that provides for 900 printed pages per student per semester. Students pay for additional printing units above 900. Students may use their printing quota toward black-and-white or color printing (1 unit per black and white sheet, 7 units per color sheet).

Collaborative Team Rooms

Three collaborative team rooms in the B-40 Alumni Hall lab enable students to display presentations on a large, centrally located monitor and work together on whiteboards that line the walls of each room. Each room has a sliding door to provide privacy for groups while maintaining a quiet working environment for individuals using computers in the lab.

Mobile Device Charging Stations

All computing labs feature Mobile Device Charging Stations that enable students to charge their smartphone or tablet. In addition, several labs offer Mobile Computing Counters where students can work and study using their own laptop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. The computing labs are staffed with student technical analysts under the supervision of full-time Student Computing Services staff.

Lab Line

A service called Lab Line provides details regarding workstation availability within each of the computing labs on a 24x7 basis. Students can check lab availability on, Pitt Mobile, or by texting a keyword to 41411.

House Rules

Please be considerate when using the campus computing labs!

  • No tobacco
  • Speak softly
  • Notify staff immediately of drink spills
  • Dispose of trash

Lab patrons who violate these policies will be asked to leave the lab.

You may be asked to show your University Identification card, per the following University policy:

Lab Classroom Reservations

Several labs have classrooms available for reservation. Be sure to review the guidelines for reserving a computing lab classroom.


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