Computer Kiosks


Computer kiosks are located throughout campus for University students and employees to quickly check email, course schedules, browse the Internet, or work on documents or projects. Students can also use the kiosks to send print jobs to Pitt Print stations located throughout the campus.

These kiosks are a convenient alternative to using the computing labs or to going back to your room between classes. Want to print that file you've been carrying around on your USB flash drive? Want to listen to a video about Photoshop at Now you can! All kiosks include a headphone jack so you can listen to multimedia content, and a USB port that make it possible to work on files from a flash drive. A shortcut link to is also provided on all kiosks so you can quickly access files stored on the University's cloud storage service.

See below for a map of kiosk locations!

Relevant Policies and Guidelines

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