Computer and Hard Disk Disposal Service

The University's Surplus Property group offers a free service of securely removing and disposing in an environmentally sensitive manner end-of-life computers and hard disks.

Surplus Property can come to your office to pick up and securely transfer your computers and hard disks using a locked container. The equipment will be securely transported to the University's Lexington Warehouse facility. Any sensitive information stored on hard disks will then be destroyed using crushing techniques to ensure this data can never be accessed. Hazardous materials will be separated and properly disposed, while the metal parts are recycled.

Surplus Property will track the hard drive serial number, model and manufacturer of disposed hard disks to provide a record that they were properly destroyed.

To request a disposal pickup, contact Surplus Property at 412-244-7071 or visit the Surplus Property Web site.

Learn more about the risks with disclosure of sensitive information >

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