Software for Students

Many software packages are available to students at little or no cost. Most software can be downloaded at no cost from the Software Download Service at My Pitt including Microsoft Office. Some software is available for purchase at discounted prices at the Technical Support Desk at the University Store on Fifth. Browse the titles below for details.

Adobe Software for Students

Adobe allows you to create PDF files, graphics and images, and more.

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Adobe Software
Apps for Apple Mobile Devices

Students can purchase apps for their Apple mobile devices.

Apps for Apple Mobile Devices
ArcGIS for Students

ArcGIS lets you visualize, manage, create, and analyze geographic data.

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AutoCAD for Students

Design, draft, and display graphics and technical drawings.

ChemOffice Professional For Students

Create and modify representations of chemical structures.

ChemOffice Professional
Cloud Storage (

All students, faculty, and staff have access to unlimited cloud storage space through

Cloud Storage (
Computrace LoJack for Students

Trace your laptop if it is lost or stolen.

Computrace LoJack
Corel for Students

Productivity software including Word Perfect, Designer, and Draw Graphics Suite.

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EndNote for Students

Search online bibliographic databases and create and format instant bibliographies.

gFTP for Students

Securely transfer files between computers with this SFTP client for Linux.

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IBM SPSS Statistics for Students

Statistical analysis software for business and research problems.

IBM SPSS Statistics
JMP for Students

Statistical discovery from SAS.

Tags: JMP Student
KeePass Password Safe for Students

Securely manage all the different passwords you use every day.

KeePass Password Safe
Malwarebytes for Students

Protect and defend your computer against malicious software.

Malwarebytes for Students
Mathcad for Students

Solve a wide range of math, science, and engineering problems.

Mathematica for Students

A computational tool for numerics of any precision, symbolics, or visualization.

MATLAB for Students

Technical computing language & interactive environment for data and numerics.

Tags: MatLab Student
Microsoft Campus Software for Students

Microsoft's popular suite of productivity software.

Microsoft Campus Software
Minitab for Students

Statistical and graphical analysis software.

Parallels Desktop for Students

Run Windows and other operating systems on Intel-based Macintosh computers.

Parallels Desktop
Pitt Printing Software for Students

Print from anywhere to Pitt Print Stations in convenient locations across campus.

Pitt Printing Software for Students
Pitt Software Update Service - Students

Automatically get Microsoft critical updates and service packs.

Pitt Software Update Service - Students
Prism for Students

Combines scientific graphing, comprehensive curve fitting, understandable statistics, and data organization.

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Prism for Students
PuTTy for Students

Securely log in to a remote computer with this SSH client for Windows.

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