Expert Partners

Our Expert Partners program is a key channel for us to communicate and interact with information technology professionals working in departments and business units throughout the University. Meetings cover topics of common interest such as security, new technology services, networking issues, and system upgrades.

Presentations from the technology community are interspersed with roundtable discussions. These collaborative discussions are moderated by CSSD managers and staff, and provide Expert Partners with the opportunity to meet, address common issues, and hear about new services. Feedback gained from these discussions and from targeted Expert Partners surveys is invaluable to planning, implementing, and enhancing the quality of our services, as well as planning future Expert Partners events.

The Expert Partners portal community at My Pitt provides members with various resources and detailed information concerning services. Any staff member who supports the information technology services for any University department, school, or business unit is welcome to join Expert Partners. To register, please submit an online help request.

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